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Key Benefits

  • Public Service provides our reason to have frequencies allocated
  • Public Service allows us to "give back" some of what we get
  • Public Service is helping others who need it.


BARC supports the Amateur Radio Service goal of providing quality public service, typically in the form of communications support to other public service and charitable organizations. The club has appointed a public service chairman to coordinate, train and supervise our public service events. Although from time to time we will coordinate our activities with the ARES and RACES Emergency Service organizations, it is our primary goal to service support requests with volunteers from within the membership of the BARC organization. All members are welcome and encouraged to support our public service activities.

Upcoming Events


If you are interested in any or all of these Public Service events, contact: Henry, KB3NYW at

This is the time to show the public what Amateur Radio is all about!!!!!!!!!!

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