April, 2019 meeting

April’s meeting topics included the upcoming hamfest and discussion on the Fairview United Methodist Church; Neil W3ZQI visited the church site and more details have been clarified. Info from Phil N3CDY: the downtown repeater receive site antenna has been repositioned as required by the site owner (due to building reconstruction)–thank you again, Phil. Neil W3ZQI (hamfest publicity) mailed flyers/letters to more than 80 ham clubs within driving distance of our hamfest. The Dayton Hamvention is coming; a number of the club members will again be attending. Gerhart KC3JPK and Jeff (studying) were welcomed back after being absent for a few months. A work party was scheduled for the storage facility to move club-owned stuff to a smaller unit in order to reduce expenses. A prior trip by some of the members resulted in several pickup trucks full of stuff to the dump and recycling facility.

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