October, 2019 meeting

In this meeting we welcomed new members Justin KC3NYS and Andy. Justin is already getting on 2 meters and Andy is avidly studying. Vice President Bill N3WD opened the meeting and conducted officer elections for the new fiscal year. Since the slate was proposed at the September meeting and the positions were unopposed, Acting Secretary Neil W3ZQI cast the single vote for the entire slate…President Hale N3NYC, Vice President Bill N3WD, Secretary Neil W3ZQI, Treasurer Dave AB3TE, and Members-at-large Mike KB3VVH, Gordon KC3LWO, and Jim WB3DJU. Dave AB3TE gave the Treasurers report. Old business item: forming equipment donation guidelines was deferred until next month. Hamfest discussions included discussion of selecting a food vendor and a proposal to raise tailgating fees. Jim WB3DJU was named to form a Hamfest committee, including Dave AB3TE (Hamfest Chairman) and Neil W3ZQI (publicity). A short discussion took place on locating a meeting site that will accommodate more attendees. Jim WB3DJU advised that the previously considered church site may again be possible. Bud W3LL gave an informative presentation on the activities of the Potomac Valley Radio Association (PVRC). This included contesting, chapter organization, and how to join. Joe W3TTT spoke of starting up an 80 meter club net and Bill N3UKI spoke of interest in a 2 meter club net. After adjourning, small groups formed for subsequent common interest discussions.