November, 2019 meeting

A number of people paid their annual dues in-person with us now in the 2020 fiscal year. President Hale N3NYC opened the meeting. Some discussion of the hamfest took place; with setting the tailgating fee at $10 per space. Gordon KC3LWO acknowledged pursuing related technology interests for targeting of our hamfest advertising (e.g. R/C and drones). Neil W3ZQI is building a database of e-mail addresses for vendors and attendees for publicity. As the result of such a good turnout for the meeting, Jim WB3DJU advised that the church location is still discussable as a meeting location. Joe W3TTT will also explore several meeting site leads. Bill N3WD proposed that the January meeting be held as a holiday dining meeting at a restaurant; details to be decided up at the December meeting. Joe W3TTT mentioned the planned weekly HF net (either 80 or 40 meters) with him accepting net leadership. Netlogger software will be employed. After the meeting adjourned, small group conversations included old war movies, continued discussion on condo-friendly HF antennas, FT8 versus rag-chew modes, and ham radio license examinations. — Neil W3ZQI Secretary