December, 2019 meeting

Vice President Bill N3WD opened the meeting. A big thank you to Dave AB3TE for publishing the club officer history, which is now posted to the webpage on our ABOUT US page. Storage costs continue to rise so a short mention was made to also seek storage space when considering a new meeting site. We are pleased with the robust monthly turnout. Hamfest Chairman Dave AB3TE presented the full color Hamfest flyer which will be printed in mass in time for the beginning of the 2020 hamfest season–each area hamfest will be visited to generate publicity for our event. Hale N3NYC formed a list of food vendors for the event. An ad hoc committee will review the list and select a vendor. Neil W3ZQI discussed on-going publicity efforts wherein an additional plan was approved. Joe W3TTT suggests 80 meters, 7:00 pm. (non-BARC meeting nights) as time/place for the a proposed BARC on-air HF net. Netlogger for net control and WEBSDR for those for stand-alone receive were suggested. Post-meeting: TABCO Towers has been sold–this may be of impact to some ham radio clubs. The church meeting site considered for BARC is no longer available. — Neil W3ZQI Secretary