October, 2020 meeting

Club Treasurer Dave AB3TE opened the October, 2020 meeting. A turnout of 14 people. We welcomed newcomer Don N3FQC. Dave AB3TE gave the treasurer’s report. Dave AB3TE advised that monthly storage costs continue as our largest recurring expense and that such expense has gone from $66 to $72 monthly. Neil W3ZQI Treasurer read the September meeting minutes. Planning continues for the 2021 hamfest; a small supply of flyers will be provided by Bill N3WD to get us past the two January time-frame area hamfests. A number of annual events are already notably missing from the 2021 hamfest/event calendar. Membership dues for 2021 are due as of October 1st. The renewal form is on the Members web page. The club post office box is checked regularly with some dues checks already arrived. Neil W3ZQI asked about alternate revenue sources. Some discussion took place with raffles appearing to be an interesting opportunity but equally plagued by non-modest licensing/permit requirements. An alternate storage facility or outright reducing our storage requirements (by sale or raffle) were both discussed. After the meeting, informal chit-chat covered license exams, CW, and the 3905/OMISS nets. Bill N3WD spoke of various operating awards earned by his extensive on-air time. — Neil W3ZQI Secretary