December, 2020 meeting

Club Treasurer Dave AB3TE opened the December, 2020 meeting. A turnout of 13 people. Neil W3ZQI Secretary read the November meeting minutes. Dave AB3TE gave the treasurer’s report; modest spending during the month. Still planning to hold our 2021 hamfest; dependent upon state guidelines for maximum attendance. Post-meeting, informal chit-chat Marty KC3PPV asked for CW scheds as he improves his code speed for CW Ops. Several folks spoke on CW expertise. Marty is also having an SWR issue with his main radio–tips were given for diagnosis. Bud W3LL gave a short history of radios visible in his camera image and spoke of antenna work. Robin AA3SB stressed the importance of copyright awareness. Bill N3WD spoke of the new sunspot cycle and propagation. A big welcome to new attendee Al KC3QLP. — Neil W3ZQI Secretary — Note: Membership dues for 2021 continue due as of October 1st. The renewal form is on the club webpage–Members section.