February 3, 2021 meeting

A turnout of eighteen people: Dave AB3TE, Neil W3ZQI, Bud W3LL, Jim W3BBE, Mike K2TPZ, Kyle K3KRG, Al WA3SFR, Bill N3WD, Tom Rappold, Alicia Rappold, Brian Samms, Stephan KC3ILL, Jim WB3DJU, Val W3VAL, Peter AA3BR, Chris N2MCS, Robin AA3SB.

Club Vice President Bill N3WD opened the February, 2021 meeting. Neil W3ZQI Secretary read the January meeting minutes. Dave AB3TE gave the treasurer’s report; again, modest spending during the month.

HAMFEST: Our 2021 hamfest remains in a holding pattern dependent upon state guidelines for maximum attendance. We can print flyers on demand which is wise since area hamfests this year are still in doubt. The 2021 Dayton Hamvention has been cancelled. No rush yet on final decision for our event.


NEW BUSINESS: Joe W3TTT requested use of the 146.67- repeater for weekly ARES Hospital Nets (Balto City/Balto County); approved so far. Two other existing nets are CATS ATV on Wednesday evening at 9:00 pm. and backup for Orioles 9:00 am daily. Bill N3WD further explained ARES and RACES. Marty KB3MXM is a contact.

INFORMAL: New member Tom asked about light FM repeater activity and how to improve what he hears at his condo. Peter AA3BR was perplexed with intermittent transmit failures with his ICOM 7400. Consensus was an active “busy channel avoidance” feature.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary