March 3, 2021 meeting

A recent turnout record of twenty people: Alicia KC3RJQ, Tom KC3RJR, Kyle K3KRG, Bill N3WD, Dave AB3TE, Marty KC3PPV, Mike K2TPZ, Jim W3BBE, Don N3FQC, Bryan KC3RJS, Chris N2MCS, Jon KC3PAN, Bud W3LL, Gordon KC3LWO, Val W3VAL, Joe W3TTT, Jim WB3DJU, Stephan KC3ILL, Al WASFR, Neil W3ZQI.

Club Vice President Bill N3WD opened the March, 2021 meeting. Neil W3ZQI Secretary read the February meeting minutes. Dave AB3TE gave the treasurer’s report; again, modest spending during the month. In the webpage report, Neil W3ZQI is seeking someone to further develop the Disaster Prep webpage and also put out a call for photographs.

HAMFEST: Our 2021 hamfest continues in a holding pattern dependent upon state guidelines for maximum attendance. Most every area hamfest ahead of our date has been cancelled. No rush yet on final decision for our event (decision can be by late May). No food vendor yet; might not have time to arrange for one. Masks at the hamfest would be expected but hard to enforce. Not sure of potential attendance; much pent up demand but will people come?


NEW BUSINESS: James Baker is seeking assistance on clearing ham gear by his father; Jim WB3DJU and Jon KC3PPV will follow up. Joe W3TTT has been appointed ARRL EC for Baltimore City/Baltimore County. He now has moderator privileges on our e-mail reflector to assist in communications. Bill N3WD spoke again of ARES and RACES missions and differences. Mutual support was offered by several meeting attendees. Tom and Alicia are now KC3RJR and KC3RJQ respectively–Congratulations!

INFORMAL: Tom KC3RJR/Alicia KC3RJQ asked further about 2-meter antennas and expected range. Frank W3LPL’s contest station was mentioned–see videos at You Tube.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary