April 7, 2021 meeting

A turnout of nineteen people: Bill N3WD, Neil W3ZQI, Marty KC3PPV, Tom KC3RJR, Alicia KC3RJQ, Jon KC3PAN, Mike K2TPZ, Jim W3BBE, Amanda KC3SEI, Bud W3LL, Don N3FQC, Val W3VAL, Russ N3YI, Stephan KC3ILL, Jim WB3DJU, Julian KD2DOI, Chris N2MCS, Henry KB1PE, Dave AB3TE, Al WA3SFR.

Club Vice President Bill N3WD opened the April, 2021 meeting. Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the March meeting minutes and provided Treasurer Dave AB3TE’s report; (he joined in later). Modest spending again during the month; the treasury balance steady. We welcomed new attendee Amanda who is interested in emergency preparedness and plans to assist with our Disaster Prep webpage section.

HAMFEST: Our hamfest is formally a GO for 2021. There are few other area hamfest for 2021 so this is good for our plans. We are in negotiations with a food vendor. Masks at the hamfest would be expected but hard to enforce. Several stepped up to our call for Hamfest volunteers for two-hour shifts. Tom KC3RJR and Alicia KC3RJQ agreed to do 2 meter talk-in at the site. Jim WB3DJU will provide a PA system. Some volunteered to sell tickets. While overnight access is possible, no restrooms are available until the event.

INFORMAL: Marty KC3PPV spoke of high SWR problems with his ICOM radio. Suggestions were made and two offered to meet with him for diagnosis. Henry KB1PE was welcomed from absence; he mentioned that the National Electronics Museum is still on restricted access. New attendee Julian KD2DOI was welcomed and will be in contact with Jim W3BBE regarding emergency medicine. Alicia KC3RJQ and Tom KC3RJR’s plans of a HF station configuration were well received. Bill N3WD achieved a sweep of all of the special event stations for the final episode of Last Man Standing. Dave AB3TE gave an informative update on the operation of an HF mag loop antenna and its popularity

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary