July 7, 2021 meeting

A turnout of eleven people: Dave AB3TE, Kurt WA3TOY, Kyle K3KRG, Neil W3ZQI, Marty KC3PPV, Jon KC3PAN, Amanda KC3SEI, Bud W3LL, Al WA3SFR, Jim WB3DJU, Henry KB1PE.

Treasurer Dave AB3TE opened the July, 2021 meeting. Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the June meeting minutes. Dave AB3TE gave the treasurer’s report.

HAMFEST: The event in June was successful and represented a nice increase in attendees and tailgate vendors. Dave made an appeal for year-round assistance for the hamfest effort. Jim WB3DJU suggested formation of a permanent hamfest committee; perhaps to include a hamfest chairman position, separate from that of the treasurer position. There is interest in purchasing newer, larger signs for the various posting points for the hamfest. Larger ticket size was also suggested. Hamfest pictures are sought for posting to the club webpage.

NEW BUSINESS: Amanda KC3SEI spoke of various companies providing funding to local organizations like ours. Neil W3ZQI mentioned a ham-based organization that is seeking applications to fund amateur radio projects–he will look into that.

INFORMAL: Amanda KC3SEI is slated to take the General exam on 7/10–wishing her luck! Alicia KC3RJQ and Tom KC3RJR’s Rav4 for park activations was discussed. One member spoke of a recent e-mail hack for which he apologized if anyone was impacted. This was followed by a general discussion on e-mail security.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary