August 4, 2021 meeting

A turnout of eighteen people: Dave AB3TE, Kyle K3KRG, Bill N3WD, Brian KB3UZH, Jim W3BBE, Mike K2TPZ, Tom KC3RJR, Alicia KC3RJQ, Amanda KC3SEI, Neil W3ZQI, Chris N2MCS, Stephan KC3ILL, Marty KC3PPV, AL WA3SFR, Val W3VAL, Robin AA3SB, Jim WB3DJU, Henry KB1PE.

VP Bill N3WD opened the August, 2021 meeting. Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the July meeting minutes. Dave AB3TE gave the treasurer’s report. Again, storage is our major, recurring expense. New attendee Brian KB3UZH was welcomed to the meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: Meeting Location: No plans to return to Wegman’s due to lower capacity/non-business meeting rules. Tom KC3RJR will look into a local condo multi-purpose room for potential access. Dave AB3TE asked that Internet access be a consideration so that ZOOM is available too. Chris N2MCS volunteered to assist with cell-phone hot spot capability at meetings. Hamfest Committee: Bill N3WD asked if Dave AB3TE would continue as Hamfest chairman if enough responsibilities were delegated. Dave agreed. Neil W3ZQI volunteered to assist further with year-round and near-event financial/paperwork tasks. Tom KC3RJR and Alicia KC3RJQ volunteered for yet unspecified tasks since new to hamfests.

NEW BUSINESS: Need to do elections in September. Bill N3WD is donating an MFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer to the club for short-term lending. Neil W3ZQI is contact for scheduling. Active club member Joe W3TTT passed away recently. He will be missed. Jeff AC4ZO, brother of Doug N3VEJ, passed away recently too. Gary K4AAQ had recently done a write-up on Jeff. Storage costs: we will continue to sell off unused club equipment to downsize.

INFORMAL: Bill N3WD and Doug N3VEJ attended the recent 3905 Century “EyeBall” convention and visited various cities in the south. Amanda KC3SEI passed the General exam. Neil W3ZQI mentioned several recent “QSL” incidents to illustrate that confirmations are not guaranteed to occur. Jim WB3DJU did an inventory and has some 4,000 vacuum tubes; seeking a buyer. Jim also reported a plan for Citizens Band to convert from AM to FM mode. Dave AB3TE spoke highly of a cell phone app called Edison for providing a focused e-mail in-box. Tom KC3RJR asked about antenna bonding/grounding. Neil W3ZQI mentioned the the weekly CATS on-air ATV net is each Wednesday at 9:00 pm. on our FM repeater.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary