September 1, 2021 meeting

A turnout of seventeen people: Dave AB3TE, Kyle K3KRG, Marty KC3PPV, Kurt WA3TOY, Jim W3BBE, Mike K2TPZ, Tom KC3RJR, Alicia KC3RJQ, Bud W3LL, Jim WB3DJU, Neil W3ZQI, Hale N3NYC, Stephan KC3ILL, Don N3FQC, Val W3VAL, Jon KC3PAN, Henry KB1PE.

Stephan KC3ILL updated the group on his stealth flagpole antenna.

Club president Hale N3NYC opened the meeting. Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior meeting minutes. Dave AB3TE gave the treasurer’s report: monthly storage costs to go up again. Chuck N3PVZ has passed away.

Old Business: Elections are due. Hamfest Committee–Dave AB3TE, nothing to report.

New Business: None.

Informal: Jim WB3DJU: A local Collins radio is for sale. WA2ONG has a Hygain high tower (80-10) for sale $300. A 706 mk2 w/tuner is for sale. Jim now has a Flex 6400. Bob Heil presentations are available for an upcoming meeting: Science of Audio and Optimizing Signals.

Alicia KC3RJQ and Tom KC3RJR are waiting for delivery of a new 2-meter antenna. They made POTA contacts at Oregon Ridge. Dave AB3TE suggested remote operation for Alicia and Tom using the TS-2000.

Henry KB3PE mentioned that the National Electronics Museum is upgrading various exhibits.

Dave AB3TE said that he has seen 1.3 inches of rain so far today with his “Weather Flow”.

Jim W3BBE spoke of his 80-10m MyAntenna and intentions to use either a crossbow or tennis ball slingshot for antenna placement.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary