September 7, 2022 meeting

A turnout of sixteen people: Dave AB3TE, Gordon KC3LWO, Kyle K3KRG, Bud W3LL, Jim W3BBE, Lou W3LOU, Russ N3YI, Bill N3WD, Jerry W3JFG, Al WA3SFR, Don N3FQC, Mike K2TPZ, Robin AA3SB, Henry KB1PE, Jim WB3DJU, Neil W3ZQI

Vice President Bill N3WD opened the meeting.

Treasurer Dave AB3TE gave the treasury balance. Kudos to Dave AB3TE for organizing the effort to eliminate storage expense. And a big thank you to Jon KC3PAN.

Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior monthly meeting minutes.

Old Business:

Storage: Discussed with Treasurer’s report.

W3FT Repeater System: Not discussed

Meeting Site: Not discussed

Hamfest: Name to emphasize “swap meet” instead of “marketplace”. Sign committee: Dave AB3TE, Al WA3SFR, and Neil W3ZQI. Suggested to add “modifications” feature to signs, e.g. chalk or replacement panels. To contact Arcadia Fire to confirm 2023 venue and express appreciation for partnering.

New Business:

Elections: By acclamation: President Bill N3WD, Secretary Neil W3ZQI, and Jim W3BBE Member-At-Large. Bud W3LL appointed Vice President.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary