December 7, 2022 meeting

A turnout of eleven people: Dave AB3TE, Bill N3WD, Kyle K3KRG, Jon KC3PAN (Z), Russ N3YI (Z), Stephan KC3ILL (Z), Don N3FQC, Harriet N3IML, Jim WB3DJU, Hale N3NYC, Neil W3ZQI. (“Z” is for by Zoom)

Treasurer Dave AB3TE opened the meeting.

Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior monthly meeting minutes.

Treasurer Dave AB3TE gave the treasury balance. No expenses this month; revenue was from dues. Dave still to provide recent financial data to Neil W3ZQI for assembly of annual reporting.

Old Business:

Hamfest: Sign committee headed by Dave AB3TE will meet again to approve the printer-ready art work for the sign designs.

W3FT Repeater System: Maintenance was discussed.

Meeting Site: Our first meeting at the Greene Turtle-Hunt Valley. In-person meetings were requested by the club membership. It is important that a reasonable number of people show in-person for each Green Turtle meeting to meet their venue guidelines. If not then we will be forced to return to Zoom-only meetings.

New Business:

Spring Pot Luck event: Bill N3WD elaborated on interest in a weekend day club meet-up for shared food/beverages at an outdoor venue once the weather warms in early 2023.

Congratulations to Julie KC3VGW “Very Good Woman” (wife of Dave AB3TE) who passed her Technician license recently. She is now studying for her General class license.

The Envision 3: Bill N3WD spoke well of this amazing $60 WIN10 laptop available at MicroCenter. He is using his for FT8 and NPOTA (parks) activities. It features two USB 3 ports and 20 hour battery life.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary