February 1, 2023 meeting

A turnout of fourteen people: Dave AB3TE, Kyle K3KRG, Jerry AI0K, Gordon KC3LWO, Bob W3BMM, Christopher KC3VIO, Chris AB3WG, Jon KC3PAN, Kurt WA3TOY, Stephan KC3ILL, Jim W3BBE, Bud W3LL, Al WA3SFR, Neil W3ZQI. Meetings have resumed in Zoom format only.

Treasurer Dave AB3TE opened the meeting.

Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior monthly meeting minutes.

Treasurer Dave AB3TE gave the treasury balance, modest increase.

Old Business:

Welcome to new attendees: Chris AB3WG, Christopher KC3VIO, Jerry AI0K, Bob W3BMM.

Hamfest: Tickets and tailgating stubs have been constructed by Neil W3ZQI; reimbursement for those supplies was approved. Yes to Arcadia for our hamfest for 2023. Signs: Al WA3SFR volunteered to construct the three signs.

Meeting Site: Investigation continues for an in-person meeting site. Zoom access will still be remained.

W3FT Repeater System: Maintenance was mentioned.

New Business:

SKYWARN: Jerry AI0K reported that SKYWARN is seeking a SKYWARN coordinator to replace Jerome N3VBJ (SK). A presentation on SKYWARN is offered for an upcoming meeting–by Zoom.

Club Property: Jon KC3PAN requested creation of “Property Of” notices for inclusion with the club property in storage. Neil W3ZQI will handle the printing.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary