May 5, 2023 meeting

A turnout of eleven people at our Zoom meeting: Dave AB3TE, Kyle K3KRG, Kurt WA3TOY, Christopher KC3VIO, Jon KC3PAN, Stephan KC3ILL, Jim W3BBE, Bud W3LL, Mike K2TPZ, Jim WB3DJU, Bill N3WD, Neil W3ZQI.

Treasurer Dave AB3TE opened the meeting.

Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior monthly meeting minutes.

Treasurer Dave AB3TE gave the treasury balance. P.O. box expense was paid.

Old Business:

Hamfest: Dave AB3TE: picture of signs shown including the mounting apparatus. Big thank you to Dave for mounting apparatus and Al WA3SFR and wife Francine for creating the signs. Neil W3ZQI: second e-mail campaign was sent. To-date, a dozen people have signed up for the list from our club webpage. A third e-mailing will be done prior to the hamfest. Bill N3WD to take flyers to the Hagerstown and Philadelphia hamfests.

Webpage: Neil W3ZQI: nothing new

Facebook: Jim W3BBE: maintaining the Facebook account, seeking photos

New Business:

None discussed.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary