October 4, 2023 meeting

A turnout of seven people at our Zoom meeting: Dave AB3TE, Mike K2TPZ, Kyle K3KRG, Bill N3WD, Jim WB3DJU, Howard N3ARL, Neil W3ZQI.
Treasurer Dave AB3TE opened the meeting and gave the treasury balance.
Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior monthly meeting minutes.

Old Business:
Hamfest: Dave AB3TE: contact with host site will be about the first of the year. Vendors may get a heads-up e-mail via Mail Chimp in January.
Webpage and Facebook: both in operation; no issues.
Elections: VP, Treasurer, and two director positions are up for election. Dave AB3TE agreed to remain as Treasurer. Neil W3ZQI to contact the others.

Dave AB3TE and Bill N3WD to meet to do annual club filings.

Outdoor events: some light discussion. Jim WB3DJU to check on one possible site.

New Business: None.

REMINDER: New fiscal year began 10/01; dues are now being collected.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary