January 3, 2024 meeting

A turnout of thirteen people at our Zoom meeting: Dave AB3TE, Jon KC3PAN, Mike K2TPZ, Kevin KC3YCT, Mark K3ABZ, Bud W3LL, Wm (Ed) F., George AJ3P, Stephan KC3ILL, Jim WB3DJU, Don N3FQC, Al WA3SFR, Neil W3ZQI.

Treasurer Dave opened the meeting.

Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior monthly meeting minutes.

Treasurer Dave gave the treasury balance.

Old Business:
-Hamfest: Dave AB3TE: Club table staffing and PA system announcer for 2024 have been filled. Volunteers are needed for a number of activities (ticket sales, food orders, etc.). Seeking someone to “show the ropes” for backup and eventual succession of chairman.
-Webpage: Neil W3ZQI: stable.

-Facebook/Twitter: to drop Twitter from consideration. Wm. Fowler to take over for Facebook.
-Elections: to be scheduled
-Picnic: possible site near Westminster. Voted to allocate funds for the event.

-Repeater: Jim WB3DJU: nothing to report.

-Disaster Prep: seeking chairman/webpage content coordinator for this.

-Collaboration with area ham clubs: Neil W3ZQI: sharing announcements with the Electronics Museum Ham Club (ARCNEM). Scheduled officers meet-up being rescheduled.

-Nets: Don N3FQC: Area still looking for an EC. RACES now operating on the new Towson .33 repeater.

New Business: ARRL discussed.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary