February 7, 2024 meeting

A turnout of fourteen people at our Zoom meeting: Dave AB3TE, Jon KC3PAN, Mike K2TPZ, Mike Bauer, Kevin KC3YCT, Mark K3ABZ, Bud W3LL, Ed KC3YFZ, Sam KC3VXU, Dave KD2NZS, Al WA3SFR, Kurt WA3TOY, Leon N3AEG, Neil W3ZQI.

Treasurer Dave opened the meeting.

Secretary Neil W3ZQI read the prior monthly meeting minutes.

Treasurer Dave gave the treasury balance.

Old Business:
-Hamfest: Dave AB3TE: Ed KC3YFZ will be working with Dave on hamfest details.
-Facebook: Ed KC3YFZ now runs our Facebook account. He explained metrics and reported a flurry of activity.
-Webpage: Neil W3ZQI reported content additions are being considered along with metrics.
-Elections: Ed KC3YFZ voted in for vacant Director spot. Bud W3LL (VP), Neil W3ZQI (secretary), Dave AB3TE (Treasurer), Jim WB3DJU (Director), and Gordon KC3LWO (Director) all re-elected.

-Picnic: Working out collaboration with another club for the event.

-Demo: Neil W3ZQI demonstrated HamLogOnLine.com which will be used to automate some club functions.

— Neil W3ZQI Secretary