ARRL Field Day for 2020 is June 27-28, 2020. This is the largest on-air amateur radio event in North America. Members of our club and the Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society (BRATS) were hosted in 2018 and 2019 at a facility made available by Steve KA3ZMN who provided a first-rate operating environment for a multiple transmitter activity, complete with generator power, an impressive selection of antennas, and great food. A big thank you to Steve for his tremendous effort in making these events so effective and enjoyable for the two clubs, please join us in 2020.

We proudly use DXLab Suite for general (master) logging, rig-control, QSLing, and operating. N1MM and N3FJP software are used for various contests.

Confirmations for any of our contacts-W3FT: US-send SASE; DX-send SAE w/$1USD or use the bureau. For any direct mailing, an SASE or postage is required. Our mailing address is Baltimore Amateur Radio Club-W3FT, P O Box 120, Reisterstown, MD 21136; please mark your inbound envelope with the event name (if applicable). Logbook of the World is loaded promptly after any contacts are made.

The BARC Repeater System is available for anyone to use. The repeater has a primary input frequency of 146.07 Mhz and output is 146.67. The PL tone is 107.2. With multiple receive sites in the Greater Baltimore area, coverage is excellent. A big thank you to Phil N3CDY for his years of effort in maintaining the system.

If the Repeater goes down, please try simplex as we will monitor BARC Simplex Frequency 146.550 mhz., 40M on 7.195 mhz, and 75M on 3.910 mhz.

Education: Classes to Prepare for Licensing Exams

Check out these education opportunities in the Maryland/DC area: http://www.arrl-mdc.net/Classes.htm . In particular, the Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum (ARCNEM); the Columbia Amateur Radio Association (CARA); Antietam Radio Association; the Anne Arundel Radio Club; the Montgomery College Chapter of the IEEE and Montgomery Amateur Radio Club also hold classes.

The Anne Arundel Radio Club is starting it’s Spring Technician Class on February 29th in their club house.  Meeting is for 6 consecutive Saturdays 8;30am till noon.  The class, test, license and everything but the book is free.  The text is the ARRL Ham Radio Licenses Manual, 4th Edition.  Testing is the Saturday after the last class, April 11 at 1pm, with an 8:30am-noon cram session held before it.  Check in for testing begins at noon. 

Info at:  www.w3vpr.org/technician_license_class <http://www.w3vpr.org/technician_license_class>  and www.w3vpr.org/spring_technician_class <http://www.w3vpr.org/spring_technician_class>

This is followed with a General Class starting April 25.  The Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend is skipped and ends on June 6.  Testing is the weekend after, or June 13 at 1pm, again with an 8:30am-noon cram session preceding it, and check in beginning at noon.  The ARRL General Class License Manual, 8th Edition is the text used. 

Into at:  www.w3vpr.org/general_license_class <http://www.w3vpr.org/general_license_class>  and www.w3vpr.org/spring_general_class <http://www.w3vpr.org/spring_general_class>

Preregistration, though not required, is found at:  www.w3vpr.org/preregister <http://www.w3vpr.org/preregister>

ARCNEM (Linthicum, MD) announces weekly amateur radio Amateur Extra License classes start January 23, 2020 (6:30-9:30 pm. for twelve Thursdays) at the National Electronics Museum at 1745 West Nursery Road Linthicum, MD 21090. Attendees should obtain a copy of the ARRL Amateur Extra License Manual, Eleventh Edition. No charge for attendance.  Contact: Rol K3RA at 410-796-4792 or roland.anders (AT) comcast.net

ARRL link to amateur radio license classes in the area.

ARRL link to amateur radio license examinations in the area.