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We meet monthly by Zoom at 7:00 pm. on the first Wednesday of the month. Click for meeting information. Club membership is not required for attendance.

August, 2024 meeting prime topic: TBA.

2024 ARRL Field Day by The Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum was at the Rockburn Disc Golf Course Parking/Rockburn Park Elkridge, MD. Saturday and Sunday June 22-23rd. BARC was represented there too (Ed KC3YFZ and Mark K3ABZ) in the event. Many contacts made over the very warm weekend. Further details at Facebook.

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Mike Ketzis K2TPKZ operating Maritime Mobile on his cruise to Bermuda

Mike K2TPZ with his Electraft transceiver
Mike K2TPZ with his Electraft transceiver

Valued BARC member Mike Ketzis K2TPZ had the opportunity, unusual to most of us, to operate Maritime Mobile (K2TPZ/MM) on his recent cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda. An Elecraft KX2 radio with AX1 whip antenna at QRP 5 watts of power on CW (Morse Code) netted him a number of contacts on the way. Here you see him on his sixth deck balcony. On shore in beautiful Bermuda, Mike operated as K2TPZ/VP9. He split his time making contacts to the U.S.A., Bermuda, & Europe, with vacation time with his family. Far from Mike’s first cruise including amateur radio!

Back home in Baltimore, Mike is an avid CW operator, particularly enjoying QRP (low power). Retired as a U.S. Army major in Armor and Public Affairs, he spoke of operating from most every residence in his military career. Typical Army officer housing is not particularly ham operation-friendly. Lots of creativity in small wire antennas and whip antennas like the Ham Stick enabled him to maintain his CW proficiency and make international contacts. Mike is frequently the first face seen at our annual Father’s Day Hamfest when he works the main gate, starting in before dawn. Glad to have a military veteran still comfortable with getting up at such unreasonable early hours. Thank you Mike for your support to our club!

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